• Juliana Vigorito

35 New Year's Resolution Ideas

  1. Give yourself more compliments

  2. Be more kind

  3. Become more confident

  4. Take chances and risks

  5. Switch up your diet and incorporate healthier foods and fats

  6. Learn a new skill

  7. Create a workout routine that fits your schedule

  8. Changing your mindset, being more open minded

  9. Drink more water

  10. Get more sleep

  11. Try saving gas or taking less Ubers. Take the stairs, walk, or subway

  12. Plan a vacation

  13. Start doing yoga or meditation

  14. Volunteer

  15. Explore new hobbies

  16. Stop procrastinating

  17. Donate old clothes

  18. Write to yourself in a journal

  19. Switch up your daily routine

  20. Spend less time on your phone and be current during activities, dinners, or events

  21. Meet new people

  22. Give up a bad habit

  23. Read more

  24. Prioritize your schedule

  25. Start saving money

  26. Learn a new language

  27. Do something on your bucket list

  28. Adopt a pet

  29. Learn how to cook

  30. Travel more

  31. Starting trying to be on time and not arrive late

  32. Do something each day that pushes your comfort zone

  33. Drink and smoke less

  34. Cut out negative people

  35. Spend more time with family


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