• Juliana Vigorito

8 Travel Tips For Any Vacation

Every destination requires different ways of preparing. However over the course of my most recent travels, I have noticed a repetitive routine while getting ready for vacation.

1. Always bring a fanny pack/chest bag: it makes everything so much easier. I usually wear mine on the plane in addition to my carry on duffle bag. My fanny pack has all the little things I need handy (passport, wallet, headphones, charger, a book, makeup, etc). If you don't bring a duffle already then I definitely would recommend you do. On a flight, I'll keep my laptop in it, a sweater, glasses, snacks and anything else that doesn't fit in my luggage lol. Not only for airport purposes but also while walking around your destination. Chest bags are easy to watch incase of any pickpocketers.

2. Always research the best places to visit in the area you are traveling to: It is always important to have a good idea of where and what you want to see/do before you get there. You don't want to be doing research while you are away. Also be sure to group the places you find and try to plan to visit them on the same day. Of course if one spot has a lot then break it up into two or more days.

3. Pre-book your tickets to attractions: Sometimes the hotspots can be booked up during your whole stay, so be sure to check the availability of the popular places in advanced. Also be open minded to doing the free stuff. Exploring the less popular places are sometimes the most eye catching. It's okay to get lost in the unknown.

4. Book places to stay on Airbnb: It is usually a cheaper alternative compared to hotels. Make sure to look at locations and reviews from people who previously stayed there. I've noticed that a lot of hosts will usually recommend their favorite places which is always helpful coming from a local.

5. Learn the basics of the Local Language: Not everybody is fluent in english, so don't yell at them! They simply can not understand. Look up some simple phrases and write them don't before hand or download a translating app.

6. Wake up early to avoid crowds

7. Treat your body well: I definitely run into this a lot. I always seem to get sick when traveling. That being said, always pack some medicine/vitamins because foreign pharmacies will most likely not carry the brand you are used to. In addition, eating and exercising are a common difficulty. First, don't be hard on yourself because you can enjoy yourself on vacation. Find your local market and buy fresh fruits and snacks. Including a local gym or looking up home exercises you can do in your room.

Others: Make sure to pack converter for your charger, go to your local bank and exchange your money there instead of an airport or where you visit, pack sneakers and comfortable shoes, pack a little coin pouch,


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