• Juliana Vigorito

Back In Florida

Taking a little vacation home away from home... and boy does it feel good. Since I came back from Italy I've been focusing on a lot of work, catching up with friends, and trying to stay offline as much as possible! Now that I'm away I can create some content for you guys x. The absolute first place I had to stop by was the Organic Market by my house to pick some fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. I don't know why but it is so much more enjoyable than picking it out at the supermarket haha does anyone else feel the same way? After a relaxing day by the pool, me and my sisters (yes including my mom) went out to dinner to one of our favorite steak houses in Florida called III Forks. My outfit for the night was comfy and casual with my grey trousers and white tank from Zara. To dress it up, I added some black and gold accessories. All of my jewelry is from the lovely Tarin Thomas and I am obsessed with every collection. I recently went thrift shopping and found this amazing black straw bag at Deja Vu in Babylon and my black sunglasses are from a boutique in Italy. No more cobble stone equals no more problems - I can finally wear heels again :') It's the little things in life I'm telling you hahah. Eyes forward for this week, keep your mind focused, and your heart ready. 


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