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How To Make Fake Lasagna

What is Fake Lasagna? It's just lasagna with potato layers instead of pasta. I would say it's kind of a lighter alternative. Since it is potatoes, it will look a lot more messy than usual but trust me it tastes wayyyy better than it looks!

Serving Size below feeds 2-3 people

**Please Note: Each part is reasonability done at the same time**

Part 1:

Potato Part

Step 1: preheat oven 350 degrees

Step 2: peel and cut potatoes

Step 3: place aluminum paper on pan and butter pan so potatoes don’t stick and burn

Step 4: place sliced potatoes on aluminum pan

Step 5: place in oven to cook

Meat Part

Step 1: cut ¼ of 3 different peppers , ½ of onion, 2 garlic cloves

Step 2: place in medium/high heated pot with olive oil to cook

Step 3: once veggies are a little golden, place 1 pound of beef in pot

Step 4: mix and wait till beef is almost done cooking

Step 5: add tomato sauce and let it sit in the pot with low/medium heat

Sauce Part

Step 1: 3 spoons of olive oil in a pot (medium/high heat)

Step 2: 1 spoon of flour

Step 3: mix

Step 4: slowly add milk and stir at the same time as it gets creamy

Step 5: repeat stirring and adding milk as flour thickens

Part 2:

Potato Part

Step 1: take potatoes out of oven once they are cooked

Step 2: place potatoes on a seperate plate

Step 3: build out a rectangle base of potatoes on aluminum pan

Meat Part

Step 1: place enough meat on base of potatoes and leave a little border with no meat

Step 2: add second layer of potato on top

Step 3: add meat layer

Step 4: add potato top

Sauce Part

Step 1: add white sauce on potato lasagna

Step 2: ** you can add cheese on top if you’d like**

Part 3:

Finishing Part

Step 1: Place dish in oven and let it cook for 10 t0 15 minutes

Step 2: Once time is up, plate it then enjoy!!!


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