• Juliana Vigorito

How To Stay Positive

Life isn’t exactly always easy. Sometimes it kicks us down and it’s hard for us to get back up. We all go through it; the bumpy roads, the smooth roads, or roads that we don’t even know where they are headed. It takes a toll on how we think which welcomes in negative thoughts. However, it’s time to kick those suckers out and show them whose boss - YOU. Here are a few ways that help me to stay positive:

1. Get out of your own head. Realize that these are only thoughts trying to control you. Sit back and just stop thinking so much. Overthinking is what holds us back from not only happiness but life itself. Let your thoughts go and if you can't stop then don't connect emotions to them.

2. Be aware that you can't control everything. Thinking a million different ways on how to do one thing perfectly is unrealistic. We all bump into failure at some point so stop trying to dodge the bullet. If anything I encourage you to take risks and fail because that is how we learn to grow. We are only humans. We are supposed to make mistakes so stop being hard on yourself. Trust me you will be much happier when you fall down because the way you pick yourself up will be even greater.

3. CARE LESS. Don't care about what other people think. It's not their life it's yours, so the way you handle and do things is none of their business. You know what's best for yourself and what path you are leading. Remember there will always be people who support and love you, people who hate you, and people in the middle who secretly want you to fail. When you are succeeding, that is when people will try to bring you down the most simply because you are doing better than them. Don't listen to what bitter negative people have to say about you. The fake people have an image to maintain and the real people just don't care. The truth is when you do you and you do what makes you happy theres nothing that can stand in your way.

4. Read positive quotes every morning. This has always helped me since day 1. Simply log onto Pinterest and read all the positive quotes you need until you're in a good state of mind to conquer your day.

5. Be thankful. Always take a step back and be thankful for life. Whenever you experience negative thoughts, use this as a cue to shift gears and think about something positive. Develop an attitude of gratitude and as time goes on it'll turn into a way of life.

6. Spend time in the present. Stop living in the past or the future. Replace that time you use to overthink with just being here right now instead. Be present and pay attention to the people around you. Anything that has a positive effect on your thinking and less influencing tends to strengthen your thoughts.

7. Listen to music. Your favorite tunes can always put you in a good mood so turn that sh*t on 100 and jam out.

8. Work out. It will help release all of your bad energy by putting it towards a strong mind, body and soul. Sweating out those toxics will take the weights off your shoulders and blasting music in your ears will kick out any negative thoughts. Not into working out? you can still go for a walk or run some errands to clear your head.

9. Smile. Spend time with those you love and make you feel good. Smiling can instantly change how you feel.

10. Relax, Breathe, and Sleep.

Embrace daily challenges. Life is an opportunity so always strive to be the best you that you can be. Try to get out of the habit of blaming yourself or making excuses. Everything you do is in your hands so take full responsibility. Even if something might not go as planned, give yourself a pep talk and switch gears to see the good. Think yes, not no.

Be optimistic!


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