• Juliana Vigorito

More Than Just A Chickpea

One of the hardest things in life is always trying to find a healthy yet yummy snack. I'm sure a lot of people struggle with this debate whether you are in the kitchen or at the me I know it's hard. Until, I came across this brand called HIPPEAS. HIPPEAS is an organic chickpea puff snack that is not only filled with good ingredients, but it also tastes good! Now I'm not just saying this to sell it to you guys.. I truly mean it - this snack is DELICIOUS. Fear not, if you aren't a fan of chickpeas you should still try them. Just picture it as a healthier version of Cheetos and if you are asking... yes they are just as addicting haha. This new chickpea movement is definitely one to follow. I've already got my family and neighbors hooked onto it. You can find them at your local supermarket, target, or even small to-go bags at Starbucks and if that fails then you can even order them from their website. I love eating them with my lunch or even just munching on them for a daily snack. If I had to pick my favorite flavor it would be Siracha Sunshine. I was never much into spicy seasonings, but the little kick it gives me makes me not want to put the bag down. When you eat good, you feel good. Trust me... this is way more than just a chickpea!


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