• Juliana Vigorito

New York International Auto Show

Every year my family and I attend the New York International Auto Show for dealer night. We absolutely love attending to represent our family business and looking at this years new car models. Growing up in the industry, I've developed a strong relationship and admiration for cars. Cars will always be apart of my life and I can't wait to buy the car of my dreams. Until then, the only shopping I can afford is clothing haha. My outfit this year is definitely my favorite yet. First I'd like to talk about my jeans that I thrifted and cut up (pshhh they may be one of my new designs for my denim line Good Genes soooo stay tuned). I am hands down obsessed with the style and they kind of give me Kourtney Kardashian vibes, what do you think? Next, I threw on a loose white tank top because I think white and blue jeans are the best combo plus I wanted to make sure I was comfortable. To dress it up, I let my accessories do the talking. I added black strap heels from Zara, a Chanel handbag, and some hot pink earrings also from Zara to give it a touch of color. Overall, I love this outfit for a night out or for attending an event. It is the perfect casual chic mix. Although I couldn't add them all, below I selected a few of my favorite cars that I saw at the show. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do xx


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