• Juliana Vigorito

Pit Stop: Roma

After three weeks of volunteering I wanted to dedicate my first free weekend to visiting my family. You know what that means... road trip!! destination - Rome. I was also so lucky to revisit my family with two of my best friends from school. Let’s just say the weekend was filled with laugher, eating and adventures. Since I knew I was going to be doing a lot of activities, my top priority was to dress in something comfortable (as per usual). My white button down from H&M and vintage Levi jean shorts from LTrain were the perfect move. I originally was wearing a comfortable t-shirt, but I figured the button down dressed up the occasion a little better. Fun Fact, before leaving on our road trip I HAD to stop into town to get these Raimond Miami sneakers. Let me tell you.... the hustle was real because we were running short on time, but it was worth it. I am so obsessed with them! what do you think? are you guys into the whole chunky sneaker trend? Anyways, you guys know I love to wear pieces that compliment each other so naturally I picked out a pink pair of sunnies for the pink hidden in my sneakers. I don’t usually like big sunglasses but these large cat-eye sunnies from Cleo Nicci were a must. The three key elements I always make sure when traveling are: dress in something flexible, accessorize the right way, and wear sneakers!!!!! 


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