• Juliana Vigorito

Spring Pastels

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful it was outside today. Whether it's spring or not, the sun was here to remind me that summer is around the corner. Thankfully because I don't think I could go through another cold and gloomy day - all of my dark clothes were getting old and I needed some sunlight to brighten up my look. Which brings me to my pastel retro vibe that I'm really into right now. I have recently been on the hunt for some unique designer pieces and came across this vintage Dior track jacket that I fell in love with. It only felt right to make my jacket the statement piece ... sooo I dug out a simple cute pink tube top and vintage jean shorts to go with it. In addition, I styled these white leather tie up sandals from Zara to balance out the coloring going on at the top. Gold chains and hoops are always the go to accessories, plus a cool pair of sunnies from my favorite place Cleo Nicci in Soho.

Also I wanted to talk about this song lyric I came across the other day while I was riding the subway heading to work. It's from a Kendrick Lamar song called DUCKWORTH and it states "it was always me against the world until I found out it was me vs me" which really stuck in my head ever since. I try to remind myself everyday about this quote and I think others should too. Its all about self-awareness. You have to realize the world is not going against you and that you control your own success and destiny through the actions you take. Comparing yourself to others and their success will only make you bitter. We have to stop and look in the mirror and realize our only competition is ourselves because if you compete with yourself you become a better person. You of all people should be your biggest supporter and motivator so start worrying about the obstacles you have to overcome and take control of your future. 


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