• Juliana Vigorito

Teeth Whitening Review!

One goal I've always had that never turned full circle was having that "perfect pearly white smile" - you know the kind you see in movies where they smile and their teeth sparkle. Yeah that kind. Well of course this is unrealistic but a girl can dream. Right?

Now, if you know me I am 99% of the time laughing and smiling (which of course is referring to in person since I rarely smile in photos!!) so having white teeth was always an important goal to reach. I've bounced around trying whitening toothpaste and whitening strips in the past, but nothing seemed to give me the results I wanted.

Once Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their teeth whitening kit, I was eager to get the ball rolling. They sent me the kit which included: teeth whitening gel, desensitizing gel, modeling paste and base trays (both not shown below). You get to custom fit your trays right at home which is so easy and a lot more comfortable then having someone else do it. Once you make your impressions, you send them to Smile Brilliant and about a week after you will receive your personal custom fitted whitening trays! and trust me that wasn't the only quick process they had up their sleeve. 

Next, it is time to start WHITENING!!!

I started the process every night, making sure I began 2 hours before I went to bed. 

First, I brushed my teeth with water to make sure I have nothing on them. Then I applied an even amount of whitening gel to the top and bottom trays, I waited about an hour to take them off, rinsed the trays and brushed my teeth. One thing I was scared about during the process was that my teeth would get too sensitive. However, the desensitizing gel cooled my teeth for 15 minutes and after I felt nothing - it was magic. 

To be honest, right after the first session I already started to see results and fast results were exactly what I wanted. I whitened my teeth 6 times a week for 2 weeks straight (and will continue the process of course). Overall, it was super easy and I was able to multitask while doing it, such as clean, workout, do homework, etc. Now that I look good with my pearly white teeth, I feel good. 

" que animated teeth sparkle"


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