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TT X JV Back To The Classics

2 years ago I met with Kylie, the founder of Tarin Thomas and designer, who interviewed me for a position to be her intern. Even though I was working in the fashion industry, I knew nothing about jewelry and I never really wore it either. 

After that Spring season working for her I understood the importance of fine jewelry and hard work behind her craft. I loved Kylies boss babe attitude and none stop hustle in New York City. I still to this day look up to her and support what truly is amazing work. 

We kept in touch as I shifted gears into a new field of work which was the car industry. As I continued to develop my personal brand of merging fashion and cars, I always liked to think that a sexy vintage car was an accessory just like my gold jewelry. Then it all clicked and I knew exactly who I wanted to work with for my first project. I reached out to Kylie and presented her this idea and here we are now launching it!!! So crazy to even say. I knew she would understand the vision and with her expertise create an absolute dream collection. 

Kylie and I always obsessed over vintage styles and it’s sad to see that “old” fashion or cars aren’t being appreciated as much as it should be. Everything is so high tech or modernized now that we forget about the little details. Worrying about the designs, the base, the curves, the texture, the material, etc. That is why we want to bring back the classics and remind people on where the passion really started. 

 The “Back to the Classics” collection is inspired by all things that are classic. Highlighting the love for modern gold jewelry and traditional old cars. Classic cars will never go out of style and neither will a fine gold chain. That being said, we wanted to fuse together both Fashion and Cars, and create a new world of inspiration that hasn't been done before. 

By hand picking each design, we wanted to reinforce the contrast between masculine and feminine jewelry with the car industry. Tarin Thomas perfectly mixes delicate and bold giving you a classic aesthetic. Starting from the “Daytona” and ending with the “Countach” every style and shape is essential for all wardrobe accessories. You can layer them together, wear one by itself, style it during the day or dress it up at night. Each piece brings its own meaningful, bold and elegant touch. 

All good things are a classic and that’s why we are bringing them back. The keys are in your hands, time to pick your poison.

Countach and Dino From Auto Sport Designs


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