The Journey

It's actually a funny story. 

Creating a blog was something I never thought I would have done. I was a huge athlete growing up on Long Island; always running from one practice to another, juggling one sport or another. I played for the LIJSL as well as my local and school team. The daily routine was school then practice with no room for fashion just my uniforms. Until one day it changed in a blink of an eye.


I was in a bad swimming accident which led to me finding out I have a left ventricular aneurysm in my heart. I was told to stop doing what I loved and what I only knew how to do - sports. Devastated and crushed, I had to keep my mind off of the bad and turn it into something good. Reading positive quotes and books helped me to change my outlook, which motivated me to get back up and running again (no pun intended). Four years after, I filled up my free time with drawing, learning how to play instruments, and spinning dj decks. I loved my new hobbies, but nothing felt like the adrenaline I got when I played sports. I could tell something was missing from my life.


When I moved to NYC for college, I instantly grew more into myself. In a city of millions of people you have to find a way and style to express yourself.  My new routine everyday was school and work, but in the city those things brought me inspiration. Heading from one job to another I had to dress the part but also be on my toes. Which lead me to realizing I finally found that adrenaline I was looking for. I had always loved watching my mom get dressed and picking out outfits on the days I could wear something other than my cleats or jerseys. I was finally able to dress in what I thought were regular clothes, but everyone around me thought otherwise. My mom, a fashionista herself, called me one day and said “Julie you should start a blog” and so I took her word and ran with it. It couldn’t hurt to try anyway, right?


Before I started, I didn't want it to only be about my outfits. I wanted to create a platform that was meaningful and that truly expressed me. So, here I am writing about my lifestyle with all the components that have made an impact on my life and that I will continue to take on my journey.